Why the volume of data doubles every year

Published on 08/09/2016 in Inspire

Why the volume of data doubles every year

As a quality controller, I check with customers to see whether our technicians have installed the product properly. I always take a few photos of the result on my smartphone. I send the photo of the installation to my fellow quality controllers via WhatsApp. One of them suggests I should also e-mail it to our CEO; after all, we are proud of the work we do!

The CEO presses forward and sends the photo to the marketing manager, who immediately puts it on our website. He sends the photo to the sales department, too, and they use it in presentations. The head of internal communication receives a copy and asks an external agency to make it into a poster.

To complete the dossier, a copy is sent to the customer and the project manager. Result: the photo is on various smartphones, a number of e-mail servers, dozens of computers, our website, Google, WhatsApp and Yahoo. Now it just has to be placed on Flickr and Instagram and backed up to the cloud in case the smartphone crashes or is lost. And people are surprised that the volume of data doubles every year!


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