Proximus Cybersecurity Survey: how safe are Belgian SMEs?

Published on 01/10/2020 in Tech, tips & tricks

Proximus Cybersecurity Survey: how safe are Belgian SMEs?

122 Belgian companies from various sectors participated in the Proximus study on cybersecurity. How many SMEs have already suffered damage as a result of cyberattacks? And how much did it cost them? Read all about it in the 2020 research report.

Between November 2019 and February 2020, 122 Belgian SMEs participated in qualitative, in-depth interviews and an online survey. This allowed Proximus to map out the impact of cybersecurity on their businesses.

The research shows why, as a business manager, you now need to take action to secure your ICT infrastructure:

  • In 2018, the damage caused by cyberattacks on Belgian SMEs rose by no less than 194%.
  • The average cost of a cyberattack is 441,000 euros.
  • One SME employee out of three does not receive security training.

The Proximus investigative report will help you in your fight against cybercriminals. Download it now and discover the hard figures.

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