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Secure IT infrastructure checklist

Published on 18/09/2018 in Customer Stories

Secure IT infrastructure checklist

No company can do without IT security. But not everyone has the same needs. How do you deal with security in your company? Take stock with this checklist.

  • Identify your risks

    The form of protection you need depends on the activities of your company.

    What is your type of business?
    Do you have one office or more? Do you run a webshop? Do you manage intellectual property?

    Where are the apps and the data?
    Do you have your own datacenter or do you work in the cloud? Perhaps you use a combination of the two?

    What are your employees’ profiles?
    What type of data do they come into contact with? Which devices do they use? Do they work from home and on the road, as well?

  • Start on the basis of a security policy

    Define not so much which risks you want to guard against, but which activities you want to permit. Which profiles gain access to which data and applications? Define your risk profile. There is no such thing as a totally watertight IT environment. Look for a balance between the risk you find acceptable and the budget you have available for security.

  • Develop an efficient security infrastructure

    Examine the existing infrastructure and add the missing elements.


    • Secure on-premise data (stored locally), applications and all internet traffic using a next-generation firewall.
    • Adapt the standard security settings in cloud applications to suit your own needs.
    • Secure e-mail with an effective endpoint solution. Do not forget that 90% of all security incidents start with malafide e-mail messages.
  • Keep your security up to scratch

    IT security is not a one-off exercise. Don’t let your attention flag. Take care of the necessary updates and monitoring. Prefer to focus on your core activities? Then bring in a specialist and opt for IT security via managed services.

Proximus offers an appropriate solution for every part of your IT security plan. Contact our security experts via and download the whitepaper on


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