Saskia Van Uffelen, CEO of Ericsson Belux, on smart cities

Published on 08/03/2016 in Inspire

Saskia Van Uffelen, CEO of Ericsson Belux, on smart cities

Saskia Van Uffelen, CEO of Ericsson Belux and Digital Champion & Digital Mind, presents her views on smart cities in Belgium in an opinion piece in De Morgen. “Belgium risks missing the train on smart cities,” says Van Uffelen plainly.

Helsinki, Barcelona, Copenhagen and Berlin are among the smart cities of Europe. How is it that Antwerp, Leuven or Ghent has difficulties keeping up? In her opinion piece, Saskia Van Uffelen believes she knows the cause of this: “Belgium has adequate knowhow to create smart cities too, but a change in mentality is needed first.” Digital technologies help cities with traffic, safety and sanitation. Barcelona for example has applications for parking places and sensors that indicate full waste containers. According to Van Uffelen this is something also Belgian cities are capable of, “on the condition that there is a partnership between car manufacturers, the public and road builders. In addition, the Belgian public must be receptive to open data and not let themselves be paralyzed by privacy fears.”

HB-Plus Spring Festival
Saskia Van Uffelen is a guest speaker at the HB-plus Spring Festival. HB-plus provides ICT services to the Flemish government and local authorities. Among the services provided are network services, datacenter services, workplace services and various larger projects. On March 17 you get a unique opportunity to get acquainted with professionals and establish contacts at the festival.


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