Salon des mandataires

Published on 28/01/2015 in News

Salon des mandataires

New technologies are having an increasingly significant impact on daily life. The public increasingly requires broadband Internet access, regardless of whether it is for educational, private, or professional purposes. Many companies and individuals even take telecommunications coverage into account before moving to a district.

Proximus has provided a roll-out plan for this purpose in 2015, which aims to broaden this coverage in the various districts. The Proximus teams will make contact with the technical departments, in order to prepare and plan these works as well as possible, and to inform the residents in a timely manner.

Furthermore, in order to meet the various challenges faced by districts and local authorities (rapid urbanisation, the ageing of the population, the constant search for a better quality of life, energy-efficiency, renewable energy, and the development of business and tourism activities etc.), local authorities are increasingly talking about the concept of ‘Smart Cities’ (i.e. connected and sustainable cities).

As a reliable and experienced partner, which is becoming increasingly close to the public, Proximus is helping local authorities to invigorate their Smart City policy from a technology standpoint, by offering them IT solutions aimed at improving the life of residents, companies, visitors, and employees, and so make the city more attractive.

To prepare the future of districts, Proximus is inviting every local authority to Stand 4D13 (Hall 4) at the Salon des Mandataires (Local Authority Representatives’ Trade Show), which will take place on 12 and 13 February at the Wex Business Park in Marche-en-Famenne.

Here are a few examples of the innovative and forward-looking solutions that will be presented at the trade show:

  • Personal Video: all your video communications on any network and appliance.
  • Mobile car parking payment method: Parking 4411, an “open” form of mobile payment that is accessible to all users.
  • Digital cards for local residents: a digital system for authorising, managing and controlling local areas, which is simpler both for the city and for the holder of the card.
  • RoSi or “Roadworks & Sidewalks”: a mobile application for construction sites that enables various public works programmes to be viewed and managed.
  •  …

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