Antwerp: safe mobile working

Published on 22/03/2019 in Solutions & services

Antwerp: safe mobile working

A city like Antwerp can’t function without good services. And so the City of Antwerp opted for a more efficient, digital way of working. But ... can a hacker now access citizens’ data?

Our starterguide explains everything you need to know about building a successful and secure Enterprise mobility strategy.

Do you mobile work safely?

More mobile, more independent, more efficient

With more than 7,000 employees, the city of Antwerp is an incredibly large organization. To be sure that so many people can operate quickly and safely on mobile is no easy task. And yet it’s possible, as recently, every employee in the city of Antwerp has been given a smartphone.

Adding signatures, reporting illegal dumping, using checklists, calling up important information, ... it's all now possible with a smartphone from the city. This has many benefits for citizens: because employees now are independent of time and place, they can work more efficiently and autonomously. And so serve Antwerp’s population better.

"Sorry, ma'am, all your data has been leaked"

But how do you manage such a huge number of mobile phones? Not only must there be all kinds of apps on each smartphone, but mobile working needs to be safe too. Because what if those employees could access sensitive citizens’ data? Or even worse: that all this data was leaked via one stolen device?

Monitor 7000 smartphones at the same time

Fortunately, the city of Antwerp has managed to secure all of its smartphones. With MobileIron, supplied by Proximus and Mobitel. An Enterprise Mobility Management tool like this offers many different advantages:

  1. You can manage the antivirus software on all devices in just a few clicks
  2. You can remotely install specific apps on every smartphone
  3. You can offer an app store with useful, approved apps
  4. You can manage internal documents securely and remotely

Smooth and safe! Thanks to MobileIron, the roll out of all Antwerp smartphones has gone smoothly. And every device has been perfectly secure from day one.

Do you want to mobile work safely?

To mobile work and avoid problems, your organization needs good strategies and the right technologies. Where should you start? We recommend you take our online test, as you’ll understand the challenges of data security on mobile devices and the possible actions to secure your company data. Thereafter you can read our starter’s guide to see what are the steps to follow to build a successful Enterprise mobility strategy.

You can also immediately call on the help of a specialist: contact Proximus. Together with a Proximus Enterprise Partner in your area, we’ll help your organization make the transition to a more mobile way of working. Like that you can be sure that your mobile working is both safe and secure.

Our starterguide explains everything you need to know about building a successful and secure Enterprise mobility strategy.

Do you mobile work safely?

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