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Roaming and Wi-Fi Hotspots

Published on 19/11/2015 in Tech, tips & tricks

Roaming and Wi-Fi Hotspots

How many hours a day do you spend online? Almost 24/7? Even when you are out of the country? Roaming at affordable rates and with transparent costs is hardly an excessive luxury, with the 17 million free Wi-Fi Hotspots as a nice little extra.

Customized roaming plan

You can choose the most suitable customized rate formulas and data volumes from the various Proximus roaming plans. This allows you to adjust the plan to the number of staff who regularly travel abroad, the frequency of their trips, their destinations and their usage. You can either opt for individual formulas or shared packs, where you share a data volume of your choice among the users.

Your budget under control

As an employer, you can also tie in your roaming plans to the Budget Manager, so that you always have an overview of your employees’ mobile data traffic. You can determine the amount up to which you will cover the cost, and the percentage that each user will have to contribute to the roaming costs. Your communication costs become predictable and you gain in flexibility. Your staff will also find this approach to their advantage, as they can use the same device and the same business rates for both professional and personal purposes.

Access to more than 17 million Wi-Fi Hotspots around the world

Thanks to the optional ‘Mobile access to Proximus & Fon Wi-Fi Hotspots’, you will enjoy access to Fon Wi-Fi Hotspots. The service offers Wi-Fi Internet access using a SIM card both within Belgium and abroad, so that your staff can do their work online in places where there is no 3G/4G connection, e.g. technicians or sales staff visiting clients at home or at work. There is no charge for this service, only a monthly flat rate.

Business benefits
  • Continuous mobile online access, including abroad
  • Your budget is perfectly under control
  • More efficient and flexible working at every location

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