Worldwide prepaid roaming

Published on 24/08/2016 in Solutions & services

Worldwide prepaid roaming

A great way to give your staff extra motivation is to offer them a smartphone and a prepaid subscription. It is a gesture that is considered normal in many workplaces. But when your staff take their devices abroad with them to make calls, send texts and surf the Internet the bill can mount up, if the subscription does not include roaming.

Starting gift

Proximus now has a new service: Travel Passport Credit, intended for all professional subscriptions without a roaming option or Proximus Pack. It’s very simple: as an employer, you prepare a prepaid account for private use via MyProximus or Business Support and then your staff member automatically receives a standard text message with a link to Reload Online. Via this online application, Travel Passport Credit users can manage the amount that they want to spend on roaming. They can do so using a credit card or via PayPal. So your staff have full control over their roaming budget. Each Travel Passport Credit account that you activate as a company this summer will also receive a starting gift of €5.

Topping up online

Via the Proximus website – and from September via an app, as well – your staff can easily top up their roaming credit online, even when they are abroad. What is more, in Reload Online they can check, at any time, how much they still have left. The budget remains available for 12 months and the balance is extended by one year every time a new deposit is made. The app or MyProximus will not be available at launch, so an alternative will be provided via a unique code.

Reachable anywhere, anytime

This is clearly a win-win situation: as an employer, you are not charged any extra costs for the roaming services used by your staff, but they will be able to use their smartphone abroad how, where and when they wish, which was not possible before. So they can be reached at all times, as well.

Business benefits
  • No financial risk for your company, because there is no roaming bill
  • Roaming costs kept under control for staff


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