Innovation in retail

Published on 03/01/2020 in Sectors

From energy saving in-store to more transparent traceability of goods: IoT, drones, robots or blockchain enhance the customer experience and increase operational excellence.

Innovation in retail

New technology is offering new, exciting solutions in a very competitive market by changing the way we work:

  • Manage and save energy in your stores
  • Track assets and products during shipment
  • Optimize your shop floor using customer data
  • Automate your distribution center
  • Offer more transparent traceability of goods

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1. IoT - Internet of Things

  • Take the next step and facilitate smart store shelves, shopping carts and refrigerators.
  • Get real-time information on your customer’s location and status.
  • Make substantial cost savings by monitoring and managing energy, lighting and air conditioning remotely.
This is what IoT can change in your store

2. Blockchain

  • Offers a more transparent traceability of goods.
  • Set up an ecosystem, thus enabling participants and customers to expand the reach of their loyalty credits while maintaining transparency and mutual trust.
  • Use data as your key asset: efficiently shared Know-Your-Customer tools help protect it in a secure and GDPR-compliant way.

3. Drones & robots

  • Reduce your carbon footprint with drone deliveries.
  • Use robots to automate your distribution center.
  • Respond more quickly to customer demands thanks to drone feeds and GPS coordinates.


Tersec technologies provides drone feeds and GPS coordinates in real time that allow emergency services to respond more quickly. Drones are used in emergencies because they can be deployed quickly, they are a lot cheaper and far more eco-friendly. The link and employability to retail is quickly made.

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