Residents can obtain parking cards online

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Residents can obtain parking cards online
As of 2015, people living in Leuven will be able to apply for their resident’s card or parking permit online. This means they are no longer restricted by the opening hours of the council offi ces. It will also free up council employees’ time, which can be used for other tasks.

City of Leuven

  • Capital of the province of Flemish Brabant with more than 30,000 inhabitants in the inner city.
  • The city manages around 7,000 resident’s parking permits, which allow unlimited parking in a designated zone, including locations in which use of a parking meter or parking disc is compulsory.

Aiming for greater automation

  • Leuven city council has been supplying electronic resident’s parking cards since 2009.
  • In order to apply for or renew these, residents must visit the council offices.
  • The city was looking for a way to automate the procedure, providing residents with a better service and reducing administrative pressure at the same time.

Digital permits

  • Belgacoms subsidiary Mobile-for developed a Belgian fi rst for Leuven: a solution based on digital permits.
  • The resident will be able to apply for or renew a resident’s parking card through the e-counter.
  • The resident will use his electronic identity card to login.
  • The solution will check the validity of the details through a link with the National Register and will check the license plate through a connection to the Belgian vehicle registration service (DIV).

Positive evolution for residents

  • It will no longer be necessary to display a paper resident’s card in the car – the check takes place electronically, based on the vehicle’s license plate.
  • Better service: applications or renewals for resident’s parking cards are simple and can be made 24/7 through the e-counter (including for temporary use, e.g. for a replacement car).
Business benefits
  • No administration for paper-based, resident’s parking permits
  • Residents no longer need to come in person, giving council staff more time for other services
  • Positive image of a modern, efficient council

Kris Torfs is Director of Civil Aff airs at Leuven City Council. He studied economics and has previously worked for ten years in the telecoms sector.

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