Ready for the NWOW

Published on 17/06/2014 in Customer Stories

Ready for the NWOW

Now that the VDAB is increasingly holding job fairs and on-site traineeships, its staff are becoming more mobile. But the number of teleworkers is also increasing. In order to guarantee the reachability of all these employees, the VDAB made a few changes …

“It started two years ago with the introduction of Google Apps,” recalls Paul Danneels, CIO at the VDAB. “This gave our staff, on one hand, easier access to all documents while working externally but, on the other hand, the demand to use their own mobile devices certainly rose exponentially.” “In order to close the digital gap with our staff and to offer them HR-advantages, we have chosen the Belgacom Employee Solutions. We offer our employees  discounts on mobile devices of their choice and their home Internet is paid by the VDAB. Their mobile internet is charged at professional rates,” says Guido Triest, Budget Manager at the VDAB. The solution is a perfect illustration of our efforts to increase employee satisfaction and ICT innovation. Paul Danneels: “Our 5,000 employees can choose a mobile device on a portal. We make sure that we can support these devices in the areas of security and accessibility. Both e-mails and documents, as well as their agenda are available in the cloud, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Greater freedom

Exactly what the big advantage for the VDAB is, is crystal clear to Katrien Vereecken, Director of General Services at the VDAB: “Maximum reachability! Our staff are increasingly working outside of the office, at job fairs, on-site with employers or simply working from home. Thanks to the Employee Solutions pack from Belgacom, we can give them the freedom to access their documents and reach one another anywhere, instead of constantly having to return to the office.”

Business benefits

  • Maximum reachability for employees working outside of the VDAB offices
  • Saves time
  • Cheaper communication rate for employees, for both professional and private use, for both calls and the Internet
  • Employees can purchase their preferred device more cheaply
  • No extra costs for the VDAB
Company profile

The 5,000 employees of the Flemish governmental service VDAB:

  • help jobseekers find jobs;
  • provide job- and career counseling;
  • assist jobseekers with specific needs;
  • provide professional training at the various training centers.


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