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"If your knowledge isn’t up to date, you’re lost"

Published on 29/11/2016 in News

"If your knowledge isn’t up to date, you’re lost"

The Proximus Cyber Security Convention provided insight into new threats and solutions. At the same time, the convention is increasingly becoming a meeting place for security specialists.

“An event like the Cyber Security Convention sums up clearly what is happening in our sector at the moment,” says Gunther Penne, CISO at Keytrade Bank. “As a bank, we naturally pay a lot of attention to data protection and the privacy of our customers. New regulations – like GDPR – impact on this.” The bank is busy preparing for this at the moment. “New regulations mean new policies,” says Samuel Dumont, security engineer at Keytrade Bank, “which we implement in practice with concrete applications and solutions. I hope to find out about lots of new products at the Cyber Security Convention.”

“With IT security, measuring risk is always the starting point,” says Jan Berg of Toyota Tsusho Europe, the Toyota group’s trading arm. “I come to the Cyber Security Convention to learn more about how other companies find the balance between security and the comfort of the end user. You can make an IT environment totally tight, so that it is completely safe, but can’t be used any more. It’s about balance. It’s fascinating to see how Proximus organizes a large-scale event like this on security. Isn’t it really the government’s job to provide the business world with information about the need for  IT security?”

That’s a good question, particularly when it turns out that various government departments come to the event to gather information. “I’m going to the workshop on the General Data Protection Regulation just now,” says Fabrice Leysens, Business Process Analyst at Fedict. “Above all, I want to learn about the new legal framework that businesses will have to work in soon. In the world of security, it’s very important to keep your knowledge up to date all the time. That’s why I’m here today: to stay informed of new trends and new technologies, but also to exchange ideas with colleagues so as to keep my knowledge up to scratch.”

“I’m pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the presentations and workshops,” says a protection specialist from a European institution who can only give an anonymous opinion. “Both the nature of cyber crime and the technologies used are changing very quickly. So it is very important to constantly update your knowledge. Special attention needs to be paid to Advanced Persistent Threats. But it’s still difficult for organizations to anticipate, precisely because you don’t know what is heading towards you.”

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