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Smart solutions for the food industry

Published on 03/04/2017 in Customer Stories

Smart solutions for the food industry

How does a company choose the right food industry partners, when quality and safety are paramount? How does it efficiently monitor temperature control? Quality Guard created an application that revolutionized the operations of 50.000 players in the Belgian food industry, powered through the Proximus LoRaWAN network.

For businesses in the food industry, health and regulation are main concerns. Food hygiene and the prevention of food contamination is vital. In today’s food industry, a company is not only responsible for what it produces, but also for the raw materials and ingredients that were used. Quality Guard understood the industry needed a solution that would improve controlling this complexity. It created an application that helps all parties involved: businesses, health inspectors and consumers. 

Automated monitoring

Quality Guard’s solution manages all aspects of the food business by automatically collecting all legally required information and ensuring it is checked. The temperature-controlled supply chain is the first priority for food hygiene supervision, and failure to respect it is where most bacteria are introduced in the food chain. Complying with temperature requirements is not simple, since many factors come into play. Even a slight variation can introduce damaging bacteria. 

Light, humidity or the opening of refrigerator doors all have an influence on the temperature. They are recorded at all times using sensors. Data transmission is handled by the Proximus LoRaWAN. This Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology supports communication between sensors and gateways, unhindered by walls, floors or distance. 

The LoRaWAN network can reach sensors in restaurant fridges no matter where they are located – even underground. Proximus deployed and connected sensors to the LoRaWAN network throughout the food chain to record key data. Quality Guard is based on Actility’s ThingPark platform. The IoT solution signals any kind of abnormality by an alarm, enabling the business owner to take corrective measures before any damage is caused.

Smart mousetrap

Pest control is another major main concern for business in the food industry. How do they remember where they placed the mousetraps? When do they find out a mouse was caught? A mouse trap containing a sensor that is directly connected to the Quality Guard application alerts the business owner, offering a major improvement in terms of hygiene. So far, Quality Guard deployed over 4.000 sensors in Belgium, serving approximately 800 customers. 


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