Proximus lowers threshold for hybrid cloud

by One magazineNews11/03/2015

Proximus lowers threshold for hybrid cloud


Proximus is a prominent name on the list of new providers of Intercloud, the worldwide network of connected clouds Cisco is building with its partners. Through Intercloud, Proximus customers enjoy all the benefits of the hybrid cloud, allowing them to balance their workloads optimally.

Together with its partners, Cisco is building Intercloud: an ecosystem that connects public and private clouds. Proximus already had a long-term relationship with Cisco. As a leading provider in the Belgian market, contributing towards building the Intercloud network was a must for Proximus. This means Proximus can offer ready-for-use, hybrid cloud environments, including public cloud services.

An important element in this is the fact that Intercloud allows workloads to be moved between public and private clouds in a simple and secure way. Proximus customers can therefore reduce the total costs of their infrastructure requirements, manage the risks better and, at the same time, enjoy a secured environment that offers increased flexibility and efficiency, alongside new opportunities for automation and innovation.

Customized cloud
Intercloud lowers the threshold for companies who have their own private cloud and/or virtualized datacenter to move fully or partially to the Proximus cloud. With participation in Cisco’s Intercloud initiative, Proximus can now build highly secure hybrid clouds, with an additional extension in the public cloud if the customer wishes so.

Always the right balance
In this way, Proximus has a complete hybrid cloud solution that responds even more accurately to requirements in terms of customer performance, security and flexibility. The customer also has a guarantee that applications and data from the cloud part of the solution will always be located in Belgium, at the Proximus datacenters.

The major advantage of the hybrid approach is also the fact that the customer determines the relationship between on-premises and the cloud, between private and public. It is completely possible to keep specific, critical applications in the on-premises infrastructure, whilst at the same time, other applications are shifted to the cloud. The hybrid solution also offers the flexibility and scalability required to change the balance between on-premises and cloud at any time.

Cloud broker
This way, the hybrid cloud can offer a simple, scalable solution for providing the required capacity during specific peak times, continuously maintaining the necessary performance level or acting as a fall-back in terms of disaster recovery, for example. In other words, Intercloud offers a company more freedom, with Proximus in the role of cloud broker: the partner that can roll out the desired solution for the customer at the click of a finger. This way, end customers regain control of their own infrastructure while the problems associated with Shadow IT are mitigated.

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