Progress towards Smart Cities

Published on 14/03/2016 in Inspire

Progress towards Smart Cities

Z-Smart Cities is a ten-part series about smart cities on Kanaal Z. Each episode shows a project as an example of how cities and municipalities can improve their services in the city using technology. Mayors unveil a number of ideas on how policymakers can contribute to the smart city of tomorrow.

Everyone makes a contribution

Belgian cities are facing important choices. The right public projects and the choice of the right ICT strategy offer new prospects and are important for the growth of sustainable cities where the quality of life of the residents and employees increases. It’s not just private enterprises and commercial companies who contribute to the city of tomorrow, but the residents as well. In one of the episodes Daniël Termont, mayor of the city of Ghent, characterizes the smart city as follows: “there can be no smart city without smart people, who feel at ease in their city and can stay in contact with their city.” 

New applications

In a previous blog you can read how Proximus too is making its contribution to optimizing city services. Proximus shows specific examples of new applications for a smart city. Topics covered in the series are mobility, provisions for safety, digitization of services to the public, ecological aspects via measurement of air quality, organization and quality monitoring of meal preparation and distribution, and a new approach to smooth collaboration in internal organizations. 
On January 30, Z-Smart Cities kicked off with a report on mobility and shopping in Kortrijk. The series runs through April 2. 

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