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Better reception in your company building? It’s possible!

Published on 23/05/2019 in Solutions & services

Better reception in your company building? It’s possible!

Mobile communication is growing, including inside your company building. Despite the stronger coverage in the open air (99.85% for Proximus!), company buildings often suffer signal loss. Why is that, and more importantly, what you can do about it?

Mobile phones are increasingly replacing the fixed line. No less than 80% of mobile calling today takes place within the walls of a company. At the same time, problems arise with mobile coverage, especially in newer company buildings. That has to do with their composition.

New buildings contain more steel than they used to, but they are also much better insulated. The latter is particularly problematic. Recent insulation material has a film layer to keep the insulating gas in the material in place. That film layer usually consists of a kind of aluminium foil, because that is the best way to stop the gas and the radiant heat. But now it appears that this film layer is also very good at blocking mobile signals.

Coverage everywhere

Of course, removing insulation is not an option. So Proximus has developed other solutions. Davy Van Buggenhout, Marketing Manager Enterprises: “For instance, we place an antenna on the roof. It will pick up the strong signal outside and bring it in through the walls and the insulation through a cable. Once inside, the signal is spread through a network of smaller antennas. Once inside, the signal is broadcast via a network of smaller antennas.”

“However, this approach is not adequate for larger buildings with a large workforce, because the single antenna on the roof will have insufficient capacity to serve all the users. In that case, we recommend glass fiber. After all, Glass fiber, has enormous capacity. Once the mobile signal has been installed via glass fiber, we broadcast it again via small antennas. We have simple plug & play solutions for small buildings or at home.”

Everything starts with the analysis

“Every customer has different needs,” explains Davy Van Buggenhout. “One wants coverage in the underground car park, the other in the elevators, and others want to be sure that emergency services have coverage in the building. After all, the emergency services use a separate network, Astrid. Everything starts with the analysis of the needs and technical measurements in the building. Based on this and with the help of our engineering firms, we always work out our plans fully tailored to the company. That guarantees the best results.”

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