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One April: ‘The Internet of Things’

Published on 27/03/2015 in News

One April: ‘The Internet of Things’

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With the likes of 4G and Wi-Fi, mobile communication, these days, is omnipresent and easily accessible. This means that it is but a small step to connect more than just your smartphone or tablet to the Internet. Your car, thermostat and refrigerator are going online, along with parking meters, elevators, waste containers and traffic lights. And no, this is not a futuristic fantasy. The technology exists.

This edition of One magazine is completely dedicated to the Internet of Things. We take a close look at what could be a major opportunity for your company in the future. The same rule applies to the Internet of Things as to other concepts: it is not the technology that counts but the added value it can bring to your business.

With the Internet of Things we are evolving, more than ever, towards business models that are based on cooperation. For our part, as Proximus, we are putting our expertise as an operator and IT service provider into the equation. At the same time, we are developing an ecosystem with our technology partners.

So with Proximus, your company has a point of contact that can answer all your questions relating to the Internet of Things. We are always close to the Internet of Things too!

Enjoy reading!

Bart Van Den Meersche, Chief Enterprise Market Officer Enterprise Business Unit Proximus


One magazine is the Proximus B2B magazine for CIOs and IT professionals in large and medium-sized organisations.

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