Office bus turns time stuck in traffic into working time

Published on 30/09/2016 in News

Office bus turns time stuck in traffic into working time

No more traffic stress. From now on Colruyt Group staff can start work while still stuck in traffic thanks to ‘Office on Wheels’. During this six-month project, 100 staff members will commute to and from their work between Ghent and Halle.

An office on wheels, that’s literally how the users of ‘Office on Wheels’ can see this office bus. Colruyt Group designed a work bus with Proximus as their technological partner. Wireless Internet,  a coffee machine, a cloakroom, a printer and a toilet – everything is provided for these one hundred commuters to work digitally and flexibly. 

Proximus as supplier

The initiative comes from the Professional Association of Bus and Coach Operators and the Flemish Institute for Mobility. They want to look at whether the office bus is a sustainable alternative for commuting. Proximus is proud to be a partner and is supporting this project by converting a powerful, high-capacity 4G connection into separate, secure Wi-Fi networks for each user group. 


Once the Colruyt staff reach their fixed workplace, during the day the bus is used as a classroom. Doctors and pharmacists who find it difficult to travel are offered software training courses on site. So the office bus is converted into a training bus and used to optimal effect.  

The office bus has lots of advantages: 
  • Less stress due to traffic for the employees
  • Less time wasted for the employer
  • A new business model for the coach industry
  • Less traffic on the road
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