Digital transformation of 10 Belgian companies on Kanaal Z

Published on 06/05/2021 in News

Digital transformation of 10 Belgian companies on Kanaal Z

10 Belgian companies will open their doors to showcase their digital transformation. This year, the new series “Z-Digital Transformation” will be divided into two parts. Watch the first part from 8 May 2021 exclusively on Kanaal Z.

In this documentary series, Kanaal Z and Proximus follow several Belgian companies and organizations that have decided to surf the digital wave. Here are a few customer stories that you will be able to discover in this new series:

1. FPS Pensions

The Federal Pensions Service is committed to the digitization of its services, including through MyPension, an important communication channel for citizens seeking information about their pension. A new generation of performance management tools is being proposed, including a role for AI and machine learning.

2. Familiehulp

The home care workers at Familiehulp can access their work schedules and patient data via their new mobile device. Proximus and partner A&M are responsible for delivering devices to 13,000 staff members and for personalization, security settings, and the helpdesk.

3. Armonea

A renewed SD-WAN network is the basis for further digitization at this group of residential care centers, assisted living facilities, and residences. This provides Armonea with increased security, flexibility, and operational reliability. All this is helping Armonea to take its services to the next level.

The first part of the documentary will showcase five organisations and companies. It will be aired every weekend on Kanaal Z starting 8 May 2021. A rebroadcast is planned in the summer.

Discover these stories and more of this documentary series exclusively on Kanaal Z.

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