“Technical Assistance in MyProximus increases our control”

Published on 09/09/2020 in Customer Stories

“Technical Assistance in MyProximus increases our control”

For Cindy Cuypers, an IT employee at Brabhold, the Technical Assistance application saves time and ensures greater control. That, in turn, results in a better working atmosphere. “When compared to the past, the added value is adequately appreciated.”

NV Brabhold is a separate entity that mainly works for the Beenhouwerij Renmans chain of butcher shops and is responsible for IT, Facility, and Quality Support. Cindy Cuypers is in charge of IT Support & Social Media within Brabhold. “We are currently using the tool to draw up technical tickets when certain interventions are needed,” explains Cindy. “The greatest added value of the Technical Assistance application is the availability of all useful information, neatly arranged by store. Device serial numbers, services provided, planned works, etc. Creating a ticket for an intervention is very fast and it’s shared immediately.”

“Things used to be quite different. When a ticket was created, it had to be sent by email. If there was no response, we had to call. This time-consuming approach has now come to an end, which can be felt across the entire department. In fact, everyone is on the same positive page: this digital tool works smoothly, making the benefits very tangible.”

Available 24/7

“The fact that all useful information is collected is just one of advantages; there’s also the fact that it can be consulted 24/7 via different devices, which is also an important plus, in my opinion,” adds Cindy. “Every colleague has access via their own PC – when I have logged a technical ticket – but they can also access it on a tablet or cell phone, if necessary. And the fact that this can be consulted 24/7 is particularly useful when you’re on call during the weekends, for example.”

Thanks to Technical Assistance in MyProximus Enterprise, we work in a greater atmosphere of trust.

Cindy Cuypers, IT employee at Brabhold



“Saving time is undoubtedly the biggest advantage of Technical Assistance, but there is a bigger picture,” explains Cindy. “In the past, there were times when a ticket that was sent out by email kept stalling. This meant that a lot of phone calls had to be made, resulting in long waits, loss of time, and an excess of background music. In the end, it all worked out, although it was a rather frustrating activity.

“This now runs much smoother. The overview is also clearer, as is the control we can exercise. All these elements help us to work in a greater atmosphere of trust, which is pleasant for everyone. It’s quite different compared to the past.”

Direct communication

“What we ask is not always self-evident,” acknowledges Cindy. “Our structure has a certain complexity, which is intensified by the fact that we operate in three countries. That’s why it’s so important to have good communication with Proximus. If we have the slightest problem, we can always contact our Proximus service manager.”

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