Vanheede manages mobile numbers and invoices online in MyProximus Enterprise

Published on 21/04/2020 in Customer Stories

Vanheede manages mobile numbers and invoices online in MyProximus Enterprise

Vanheede Environment Group provides over 15,000 customers with a sustainable, efficient and economical solution in the field of waste management. Thanks to MyProximus Enterprise, the company manages a smooth invoicing and administration of its mobile subscriptions.

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“We use MyProximus Enterprise to follow the costs and invoices of our mobile subscriptions and deal easily with the administration of over 500 mobile numbers,” says Chief Information Officer Olivier Knockaert. “For instance, we can see which number is linked to which staff member, which options each staff member has and who exceeds the cost limit that we have set.”

Faster responses

Vanheede can now respond faster as they are no longer bound by office hours. “If a staff member reports that he has forgotten his PIN code in the evening, we no longer have to wait until the following day. We can request a new one immediately. And we can collect the data we need to follow and monitor our mobile costs far more easily now.”

Invoice Insights replaces the Excel file where we had to compile our cost structure manually. Now we can see everything on the screen at a glance.

Olivier Knockaert, Chief Information Officer, Vanheede


First step in digital transformation

For Vanheede, MyProximus Enterprise is the first step in the digital transformation of the management of their mobile numbers and costs. “Thanks to MyProximus Enterprise, we are converting our paper administration into a digital process. To further speed up this transformation, I want to connect the platform to our internal systems as well. Our internal ticket system, for example, which we use to manage requests for support from our staff. And to the reporting system used to calculate our costs.”

Central management

Now that Vanheede has been using MyProximus Enterprise for some time, Knockaert sees two main advantages. “Everything is centralized in one place: it all comes together in the platform. We have a complex group structure with ten legal entities, each of which manages its own invoicing. Now we manage our mobile numbers and invoices centrally from the group.”

MyProximus Enterprise is the perfect place to manage your mobile numbers every day, whenever you want.

Olivier Knockaert, Chief Information Officer, Vanheede

Visual overview

“The function we get the most out of is Invoice Insights. It replaces the manual work that we used to do to prepare our reports. Before, we literally had to copy and paste the data from our various entities in a big Excel file. Now we have an instant visual overview of our cost structure.”

24/7 digital contact point

How would Knockaert best describe MyProximus Enterprise? “As a 24/7 contact point for all questions about mobile subscriptions which you have to contact Proximus for every day. You can manage all your mobile devices from the platform, whenever it suits you. A new number for a new staff member, changing the options for someone who’s going abroad, replacing a SIM card, requesting the PIN or PUK code for someone who’s lost theirs: you can do all that. It’s handy, because when you manage so many mobile numbers, time is very important.”

Towards mobile management?

Knockaert thinks MyProximus Enterprise will develop further. “Towards a central hub for all standard questions that a company might have for Proximus about mobile and fixed numbers and IT services. By opening up the platform via an application programming interface (API), it can also communicate with all possible operating systems. And the web browser version of MyProximus Enterprise will evolve towards a mobile app so that IT managers will be able to manage all the mobile numbers in their company from their mobile device.”

Vanheede Environment Group

  • Collection and processing of over 1,850 types of waste
  • Established in 1968
  • 13 sites in Belgium, France and Luxembourg
  • 750 staff
  • Annual production of 500,000 tons of new raw materials and 45 million kWh of green energy for 13,000 families


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