Moody in the morning

Published on 24/03/2015 in Tech, tips & tricks

Moody in the morning
6.00 am

The light in my bedroom slowly turns itself on. Every minute it’s getting brighter and brighter. It’s like being woken up by the rising sun. Today I have to leave early to pick up my boss from the airport. Because my diary and my domotics are integrated, I’m being woken on time.


am My alarm clock radio starts. There’s no escaping it: it gets louder and louder until I turn it off. I stretch and get out of bed. Downstairs the coffee machine has turned on.

6.08 am

Time to wash the sleep from my eyes. I step into the bathroom, the light turns on automatically and the shower starts running.

6.20 am

Once I’m clean and fresh, it’s time for the right outfit. The screen by my wardrobe says what the weather is going to be and makes a suggestion for clothes. Not my favorite blue jacket, because I forgot to pick it up from the dry cleaner’s. The system knows the contents of my wardrobe perfectly. Simple, handy and fast.

6.25 am

The fragrance of fresh coffee meets me as I walk downstairs. I step into the kitchen, put the toast that’s just jumped up in the toaster on a plate and take the last bottle of milk from the fridge. It asks me whether I want to order a new one. I answer ‘yes’, because fridges nowadays can also have a say. I enjoy my freshly made breakfast and put my plate in the dishwasher. It will start automatically this evening or tonight when the electricity is on low tariff.


am I get into the car that’s already agreeably warm. Thanks to the defrosted windscreen, I can leave immediately. The route to the airport has been programmed automatically. The car talks to me the moment I close the door. “Welcome Jan, ready for the trip to the airport?” “Yes, give me the fastest route.” “You are in luck, you won’t lose any more that 15 minutes anywhere on the ring road around Brussels.” That’s a bit of luck. I start the car, drive quickly backwards out the drive and … find myself facing a lorry that is blocking the entire street. Suddenly I remember a note last week from the neighbors about ‘digging out building ground’, ‘do not park’ and ‘street closed’ that I (silly human, me) had carelessly thrown into the wastepaper basket. Not everything, unfortunately, appears automatically in my diary.


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