Monitoring increases business continuity and productivity

Published on 26/05/2014 in Customer Stories

Monitoring increases business continuity and productivity

Proactive and reactive


Why isn’t an application functioning properly? Is there an error in the software? A glitch in the network, or a problem with a connected system? The Federal Public Service of Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment (HFCSE) uses the monitoring software Visual TruView to find the cause of application underperformance and to instantly fix it.

The FPS HFCSE is dedicated to a transparent, dynamic and scientifically sound policy in order to ensure health, food safety and a better environment for all. In this context, the ICT service develops applications for the various services of the FPS. “I am thinking of applications such as the one for managing absenteeism among federal government employees,” says Lieve Deschoolmeester, ICT Operations & Infrastructure Manager at the FPS HFCSE. “This application is an important tool for the policy and is used by the complete federal government and medical officers.” It’s just one example of an application that has a direct link with the business of the FPS. And often, these applications use other data sources, such as the Crossroads Bank for Social Security, who are not part of the responsibilities of the FSP HFCSE.

“When a user notices that an application is not working properly, he or she can contact the service desk,” explains Nico Verlinden, Networking & Communication Attaché at the FPS HFCSE. “But in the past, we were missing a tool for determining the cause of the problem. We didn’t really have a way to measure the latency observed, and we were completely in the dark about the performance of the various network components.” Tracking down the cause of the problem and developing a solution was therefore often a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. When an application is made available, there are simply a lot of different elements that interact and are interdependent: hardware and software, development and infrastructure, etc. That didn’t exactly make it easy for the FPS to quickly get to the bottom of the problem.

The FPS HFCSE was looking for a tool that could provide an answer. Out of a selection of the various options on the market, the choice fell to Visual TruView from the supplier Fluke Networks, with Belgacom as implementation partner. Visual TruView is an appliance for monitoring the performance of applications and networks that enables rapid troubleshooting. “When a user reports that an application is showing slow response times, Visual TruView can – in certain circumstances – instantly uncover the cause,” notes Deschoolmeester. “The appliance gives a visual representation of the performance level of all network components. It allows us to quickly intervene and take preventive measures as necessary.” As a consequence, the FPS has drastically reduced the number of calls to the service desk. Thanks to the accurate performance monitoring, the FPS has been able to reinforce the business continuity of its applications, which naturally enhances staff productivity.

Company profile

The Federal Public Service of Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment has a staff of 1,350 employees and is located Brussels. It also has 13 regional offices.

Business benefits
  • Performance monitoring for applications and network
  • Rapid detection of slow response times and other problems
  • Overview of application and network performance, with the option of preventive measures
  • Fewer calls for the service desk, who can then concentrate on problem-solving
  • User-friendly thanks to the simple user interface
More info?

For more information on Application Performance, visit the Belgacom website or contact your Account Manager.


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