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Mobile working: make clear arrangements

Published on 14/11/2018 in Tech, tips & tricks

Mobile working: make clear arrangements

Make a success of mobile working. To help you on your way, we have compiled the 13 most frequently asked questions in a handy e-book that you can download free of charge. There are a number of things that must be included in your corporate policy on mobile devices. Have you arranged all this properly?

  • Does everyone have their own device, a company device or one device for everything: how do you make the right choice?
  • Which tariff plan is best for you and what does it include?
  • Where does your contribution stop and your employee’s start?
  • When (office hours, evenings, weekends) and how (by telephone, by text, etc.) do your staff have to be reachable via their mobile phone?
  • What measures should you take when an employee leaves the company? Are company data deleted automatically? And who does the phone number belong to?
  • Do you have procedures for repairing and renewing mobile devices and what has to be done if they are lost or stolen?

Looking for answers to these questions or ideas for your policy on managing mobile devices? Download our practical guide on


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