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4 misconceptions about the Internet of Things

Published on 28/06/2019 in Inspire

4 misconceptions about the Internet of Things

Various misunderstandings are still circulating about the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT Solution Manager Retail Joke Tisaun clarifies the 4 biggest misconceptions for you.

  1. IoT is for devices and gadgets

    Joke Tisaun, IoT Solution Manager Retail at Proximus: “Devices are indeed often the first things people look at. But if you focus too much on that, you risk losing sight of the bigger picture – your ultimate goal. And that is not to fit a sensor and take measurements. It’s to optimize your business processes. The device is important, but it’s only one piece of a bigger puzzle. And just a means to achieve your end.”

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  2. IoT is easy to implement

    “A sensor takes measurements and sends data to your app. But the app has to be ready to receive all these data. There is no standard at the moment and data formats are springing up all over the place. It’s best to take the operating costs and the manual work involved in reading all these data into account. And you also have to integrate them into your business processes and gear them to your projects and clients.”

    “And don’t forget: we’re talking about billions of devices that you can install wherever you like: in the ground, machines, pipelines, etc. Places that are not easy to reach and where connectivity is not a given. So it’s best to equip them with batteries that will last for years. Consequently, it can be challenging to install, support and run all this.”

  3. IoT can be implemented in one department

    “IoT is made to resolve business problems. That automatically means that you have to involve various departments or divisions. Thirty-four per cent of companies worldwide use IoT today. Almost all of them say that they achieve positive results. And that’s only possible because they have implemented IoT across various departments.”

    Thirty-four per cent of companies use IoT. Almost all of them say that they achieve positive results.

    Joke Tisaun, IoT Solution Manager Retail at Proximus

  4. IoT just saves you costs

    “Cutting costs is definitely a good reason to start up an IoT project. Particularly when you use it to replace a manual process. But there are a number of other reasons: optimizing processes, improving the customer experience and tapping new sources of income.”

    “Stock management is a clear example of process optimization. Without IoT you never have a real-time view of your stocks. With IoT you can see this in real time and forecast precisely when you will run out of stocks of a product. And therefore when you need to supplement them.”

    What is the Internet of Things? This video explains how everything is interconnected.

    “Another example from the retail sector: today’s customers are extremely demanding and expect personal and immediate service. With IoT, you get to know them by analyzing their behavior: when and how often do they come to the store, how long do they stay, etc. This enables you to improve and adjust your service provision.”

    “IoT also allows you to use existing and new business models creatively. For example, if you monitor stocks of your product at your customers’, you can offer an as-a-service (aaS) model by proactively suggesting that you make a delivery when stocks are running low or prices fall. So you are no longer dependent on individual purchases.”

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