New perspectives for Michel Van Hemele, Managing Partner of Essensys NV

Published on 02/05/2016 in Inspire

New perspectives for Michel Van Hemele, Managing Partner of Essensys NV

Michel Van Hemele has been a Managing Partner of Essensys ever since the company became independent of Ernst & Young in 2004. He was a professor at the HUBrussel university college and CEO of Carestel and Solvus. He is chairman of the Board of Directors at Duvel Moortgat Brewery and a member of the board at Delta Lloyd Bank, Voka-VEV and others.

Lifelong learning

Following a summer course in management is the ideal way to recharge your batteries. At a top university like this you are in the distinguished company of an international group of fellow entrepreneurs. I followed one of these courses at the renowned American Stanford University. It was a very intensive but extremely instructive experience. You get a lot out of the course, but also out of the new people you meet.

Dare to say 'no'

I'm a director at Duvel Moortgat Brewery. While most companies have to work hard looking for new ideas and avenues, as a high-quality niche brewer Duvel is constantly flooded with new opportunities, each one more attractive than the last. So the real challenge facing the board of directors is to dare to say 'no' in the interests of all the company's stakeholders. Be selective in the proposals you take up.

Listen to your target group

The approach adopted by HUBrussel (now Odisee) taught me that altering the market position of a company is a risky business. The college had a unique historical market position, but when it joined the KULeuven association, student numbers fell. Students protested in public, but HUB refused to acknowledge the consequences of its decision. To my former fellow professors, I say: enter the fray again.

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