Mechelen opts for Belgacom

by One magazineCustomer Stories21/01/2014

Mechelen opts for Belgacom
For the next four years, the municipal services, the Public Centre for Social Welfare (OCMW) and a number of non-profit organisations of the City of Mechelen will be placing their calls via the Belgacom network. We’re talking some 400 employees here.

For the next four years, the staff manning the city’s services and non-profit organisations will be placing their calls via Belgacom’s mobile and landline network. By doing so, Mechelen resolutely follows in the footsteps of other cities like Ghent, Bruges and Sint-Niklaas.

Successful negotiations

Also in the past, Belgacom has been providing the City of Mechelen with telecom services. So, are we talking about an extension here? According to Mechelen City Councillor for ICT, Walter Schroons, the contract was put out to tender and Belgacom’s bid simply turned out to be the best. By subsequently sitting around the negotiating table we managed to hammer out an even more favourable deal for Mechelen.

Mechelen, not the only one

It may sound rather remarkable that the home city of Telenet decided to go with the latter’s competitor, Belgacom. However, Mechelen is not the only large city in Flanders that has recently made that same choice. Over the past year, also Ghent, Bruges, Sint-Niklaas and other cities have entrusted Belgacom with their telephony.

More info?

Please visit the Belgacom website for more information.

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