New prospects for John Martin, CEO of Martin’s Hotels

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New prospects for John Martin, CEO of Martin’s Hotels
John Charles Martin has been running Martin’s Hotels for over 35 years. This likeable CEO is also a nature lover. So it’s not surprising that this is his greatest source of inspiration.

On the banks of the lake

Walking along the side of Lake Genval, I realized that future generations wouldn’t be able to enjoy it if we didn’t reduce our impact on the environment. Our carbon footprint is important in my view. We are the first Belgian hotel chain to have obtained the EMAS and ISO 14001 environmental certificates.

Players who make their mark 

I love the TED talks (www.ted.com), which I devour on YouTube. They surprise me and look at events from a different angle each time, which helps me remain open to things I know less about. I also keep up with current affairs in the hotel sector on specialized websites such as hvs.com or bighospitality.co.uk.

Today’s youth

My son and daughter are my greatest sources of inspiration. They don’t work for our chain, but I like them to come to conferences with me. We then discuss it in detail. They look at things in a new light and so they have a totally different view of our projects.

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