Marriage between municipalities and OCMWs

by One magazineNews31/03/2015

Marriage between municipalities and OCMWs


The existing fusion between municipalities and OCMWs (public centres for social welfare), the so called integration, is changing the local public landscape. Lots of questions and problems are developing. In April, the necessary answers and insights will be provided during the Shopt IT and ECG members’ congress. So the honeymoon period can then begin.

The Flemish government wants to integrate OCMWs with municipal operations in 2019. So OCMWs will cease to exist as independent entities. There are good arguments for this: more transparency for citizens as well as more economic and policy-related efficiency. Support roles, like bookkeeping, IT and the secretariat can be halved. Procurement synergies (e.g. energy) will deliver savings. But there are also questions. What about the autonomy of the OCMWs? Will there be a wave of privatisation or more compartmentalisation of society? 

In April, the context will be highlighted during two conferences by the interest groups concerned. Integration will be the theme of the members’ day for the Expertise Centre for Municipal Secretaries on 2 April (ECG). On 30 April, V-ICT-OR will be organising its Shopt IT conference for everyone involved in local e-government and IT. 

Proximus will be present at both as a structural partner and expert in the area of solutions for local governments. Specifically, Proximus will provide opportunities to support the new organisations on their shared path to an optimal service.

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