ManpowerGroup chooses Proximus High Density Data Center

Published on 02/02/2015 in Customer Stories

ManpowerGroup chooses Proximus High Density Data Center

In the HR services market, you have to be able to move quickly. ManpowerGroup does this by quickly rolling out new applications across the Belgian office network. The systems are based in Proximus’ High Density Data Center.

We live more than ever in the human age. Businesses differentiate themselves based on their employees’ knowledge and talent. The biggest challenge lies in identifying talent, attracting it and holding onto it. This is the focus of ManpowerGroup’s activities, through the brands Manpower (interim), Experis (experts in finance, ICT and engineering), ManpowerGroup Solutions (outsourcing) and Right Management (talent and career management). “We are active in a highly competitive market,” says Johan Bruyninx, IT Manager at ManpowerGroup. “We consider IT as an essential tool to support our innovative approach.” The consultants at the group – both in the fifty Belgian offices and in-house with clients – use software for almost every task they carry out: finding candidates and matching them to vacancies, administration, reporting to the client and so on.

Green solution
ManpowerGroup manages the IT environment centrally. But when the Belgian head office moved to a new location, the company decided not to take its own datacenter with it. “It no longer supported our continuing growth and our requirement for flexibility,” explains Johan Bruyninx. ManpowerGroup investigated the market for external solutions. The High Density Data Center from Proximus was found to be the best solution. “The connection with the offices was already made thanks to Proximus Explore. With the datacenter, we are extending our cooperation with Proximus.” ManpowerGroup very consciously chose this high-density solution. “Various elements influenced our decision. We were looking not only at capacity, high availability and security in the systems, but also the green factor.” ManpowerGroup was the only business in the sector awarded the title ‘Most Ethical Company’ for 2014. The choice for the High Density Data Center fits well here too.

 Datacenter delivers peace of mind
ManpowerGroup makes use of three racks at the datacenter. These contain the virtual server park (through VMware), the telephone exchange and the firewalls. In the new head office, there is a solution for disaster recovery. “The availability of the systems is crucial for us,” Johan Bruyninx explains. “Without these systems, our business would essentially grind to a halt.” By taking on responsibility for availability, flexibility and security for the infrastructure, Proximus allows ManpowerGroup to concentrate on its IT in a different way. “For us, IT remains a tool to stay ahead of the competition. It’s important that we can introduce new applications with a very short time-to-market. Within the Proximus datacenter, the scalability of infrastructure is enormous. This provides extra peace of mind in terms of IT.”

About ManpowerGroup

ManpowerGroup is an HR partner for people and companies. The group is active in eighty countries. In Belgium, ManpowerGroup has 450 employees.

Business Benefits

High Density Data Center:

  • excellent availability and scalability: racks up to 8 KW can handle high peak demand
  • no concerns in relations to capacity, availability and security of systems and data
  • green infrastructure, constructed according the principles of separate air streams, powerful cooling and efficient energy consumption

Johan Bruyninx has been IT Manager at ManpowerGroup Belux for two years.


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