“No margin of error for punctual deliveries”

Published on 27/06/2017 in Customer Stories

“No margin of error for punctual deliveries”

Maison Amoroso delivers fresh fruit and vegetables to wholesalers and supermarkets. The company exchanges information in real time on, for example, the time of delivery. One hundred percent availability of the data connection is essential.

Use of technology has been essential in our sector for a good 10 years,” says Geoffrey Dubuisson, who manages quality and commercial relationships at Maison Amoroso. “Communication with customers and suppliers takes place mostly via our portal and e-mail.”

Maison Amoroso has developed its own portal and has three branches – in Brussels, Marcinelle and Péronnes-lez-Binche – that work on the system. “Constant availability of the applications is essential for our business; during the day we communicate with customers and business partners; at night we have to prepare the orders for the next day.” Via the portal, Maison Amoroso provides customers with status information on orders and deliveries in real time.

Redundant internet connection

Customers expect their deliveries very punctually; reliability is essential. “If one of our trucks arrives at a retailer too late, there’s a good chance they will no longer accept the delivery.” So there’s no room for error. Maison Amoroso has taken the necessary measures to guarantee the availability of the systems 24/7. With the new technology now installed, Internet connections are essentially redundant in all branches.

Mobile helpline

With Mobile Back-up, Maison Amoroso has an extra helpline. If the existing data connection should fail, Mobile Back-up switches over to a mobile connection immediately. So applications and data always remain operational, without limitation on the mobile data volume used, until the fixed connection is repaired. “Mobile Back-up offers us one hundred percent peace of mind,” says Dubuisson. To date, Maison Amoroso has had to fall back on Mobile Back-up only once. “Thanks to the mobile connection all applications remained available. Our customers didn’t notice anything.”

Where you can rely on with Mobile Back-up
  • Guaranteed availability of data and applications
  • Uninterrupted service to customers
  • A single point of contact for all connectivity

Maison Amoroso specializes in importing fresh vegetables and fruit from Italy, France and Spain. The company sells to wholesalers and supermarkets in the Benelux, France and Germany. The enterprise has 25 employees.

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