Machine-to-machine in practice

Published on 28/04/2016 in Customer Stories

Machine-to-machine in practice

GeoDynamics in Kortrijk has been working on machine-to-machine solutions since 2004 and is a pioneer in Belgium. We asked founders Stijn Stragier and Peter Vermeesch which trends they see emerging.

“Today GeoDynamics is known mainly for its extensive track&trace and time recording solutions. In a word: we put a black box with a SIM card in our customers' cars so that we can measure exactly where and when their staff are working. We then send these data directly to the customer's social secretariat and ERP packages, ready to use.

So a company not only has less administration to process, but it also knows down to the minute how many working hours have to be paid for. For a company with a lot of staff out on the road, the ROI on our solution is huge.”

Track & trace is a good investment for cities and municipalities too. The system allows the city and emergency services to know exactly where their personnel, service vehicles and heavy machinery -such as fire trucks or diggers belonging to the parks and gardens service - are located. They can then manage their teams more efficiently and plan work better. 

Watch this video in on the benefits of track&trace 
The breakthrough of the Internet of Things

When we asked him which trends he sees emerging for machine-to-machine solutions, Stijn immediately said the LoRaWAN Alliance. “LoRaWAN™ stands for Long Range, Low Power. This new type of network is more suitable for machine-to-machine applications.

On the one hand, it uses less power than the current network, so the batteries in machine-to-machine applications will no longer run out as quickly as they do at the moment. And on the other hand, LoRaWAN™ is designed mainly to send a lot of small data packets simultaneously, rather than one large packet all at once, as the current network does. That’s ideal for applications that continually send small quantities of data to one another.”

Ready for the future

At the moment, LoRaWAN™ covers ten cities in Belgium: Ghent, Antwerp, Leuven, Ostend - Zeebrugge, Brussels, Charleroi, Liège, Namur, Mons – La Louvière and Tournai - Mouscron. Kortrijk is included, too. By the end of 2016 the cover will be nation-wide. “So we can test it out in full here in the region now. Once LoRaWAN™ is available nationally, the Internet of Things is sure to really break through into every market.”

  • Founded in 2004
  • CEOs: Stijn Stragier and Peter Vermeesch
  • 28 staff members
  • Specialization: mobile applications such as track&trace, time recording, temperature recording, fleet management, km recording, etc.

The acclaimed GeoDynamics technology is used in 26,000 vehicles belonging to over 2,400 customers.

Don’t hesitate to visit our LoRaWAN™ page for more information


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