Aarschot launches parking app based on LoRa network

by One magazineCustomer stories01/12/2015

Aarschot launches parking app based on LoRa network


Looking for somewhere to park in Aarschot? With a new app, you’ll find a free space in no time. The app is a European first based on the innovative LoRa technology from Proximus.

The system works via sensors fitted in the city’s parking spaces. Not only can residents and visitors to the city find a free parking space more easily, but local tradespeople benefit, too. They can use the system to pay their customers’ parking fees for them – also via an app.

Extensive range, low energy consumption

LoRa technology lies behind all this. LoRa is a type of network, like Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G, developed by an international alliance of technology and telecommunications companies. It enables communication between various devices in the Internet of Things. The big advantage of LoRa is that the system combines an extensive range with low energy consumption. Using this technology, for example, Proximus can set up a network that can be used by several companies without the need for major investments. Aarschot is the first city in Europe to use LoRa technology for a parking application.

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