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A look at Smart Cities

Published on 10/03/2016 in Inspire

A look at Smart Cities

Smart Cities use innovative technological solutions to improve quality of life, sustainability, mobility and accessibility. In the coming weeks Kanaal Z will be screening documentaries on ten Smart Belgium Cities.

Our cities are facing enormous challenges: aging population, traffic congestion, waste, the need to save energy, the matter of staying connected at all times… The answer lies in smart solutions derived from technological innovations. This is how the smart city takes shape: to become sustainable, ecological and attractive to both the general public and companies.


There are plenty of examples of smart initiatives: an app for rubbish (Brussels), the digitalization of notarial information (Lier), a bike rental program (Deinze) … The application of the right ICT solutions and appropriate levels of connectivity are the common factor across all these solutions. This is also the case with EnergySmart, a smart solution based on Proximus technology, used to track and control energy from a distance. Another example is Aarschot where a parking app and a range of sensors are being utilized. Those looking for a parking lot can now find one in no time using the new app. Both solutions operate on LoRaWAN technology from Proximus. LoRaWAN is the innovative network technology allowing communication between a number of different devices within the context of the Internet of Things. The major benefit is that LoRaWAN combines a wide reach with low energy consumption. 

Z-Smart Cities

Kanaal Z keeps up to date with these changes and goes in search of the trends that will turn our cities into real smart cities. In the series ‘Z-Smart Cities’ ten mayors talk about the approach in their city or community and their goals for the future. Companies explain how they can contribute to creating the smart city of the future.

The series kicked off on Saturday 30 January with a documentary about mobility and shopping in Kortrijk. In this documentary Proximus explains the ‘smart parking’ initiative in Aarschot. One week later it is Mechelen’s turn, on the topic of smart energy and digital services. Once again Proximus will be contributing, focusing on digital services used in the distribution of residents’ permits in Antwerp and Leuven. 

The program can also be viewed online on

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