Social insights from the House of Cards

by Perspective magazineIn practice27/10/2016

Social insights from the House of Cards
There is no doubt that new prospects are good for your company. But where do you find them? In each edition of Perspectief, an entrepreneur relates how or where he or she gets new insights. In this edition, Jean-Pierre Lutgen talks about his passion for popular culture.

“Consumers want constant change. I have made the most of this social need with a great many collections. For instance, in the midst of the fully saturated wristwatch market, we succeeded in making the Ice-Watch a worldwide success. Social insights like this basically come down to an insight into human relations, the way people think and interact with one another. I draw these new insights from contemporary art and popular culture. Take the television series ‘House of Cards’, for instance. It’s an American Netflix series that reveals how relations between politics and the media actually work. Both in my private life and professionally, people have often pulled the wool over my eyes. This series made me see how the world really fits together, and I’m benefiting from that now.  Unfortunately I can’t give you any more details, because that would cause me problems (laughs). Just watch it, it’s a fantastic series!” 

Who is Jean-Pierre Lutgen?
  • Studied political science (UCL)
  • CEO of the Belgian watch brand Ice-Watch, which sells millions of items worldwide every year

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