Bring your data to life at your event

Published on 04/12/2017 in News

Bring your data to life at your event

What is the common denominator in proactively managing an event, optimizing workspaces and facilitating urban mobility? Answer: the IoT.

Think multi-technologies

From registration of the participants to feedback from an event, technology is a real ally. “ThinkThings 2017 was the ideal time for us to combine the Beacon technology, Wi-Fi (CMX data), our IoT sensors (and the LoRaWAN network), NFC tags, mobile data and text messaging. Among other things, this mix allows an event to be actively managed to improve the experience of the participants and of our partners,” explains Joke Tisaun, Solution Manager at Proximus.

And data come to life

The advantages of notification by text messaging, micro-geolocation of persons, management of the air quality in a space, and, why not, management of the cleanliness of the restrooms, will soon be a must in the event sector. “But not just there. These are added values that can be directly applicable to the retail sector, for example. Who comes from where to buy what, and where they go in the store, are questions the technologies applied to the IoT specifically answer. All while ensuring data protection, of course,” Joke specifies.

Mobility and the New World of Work

Among the practical applications proposed during this day was Mobit, which uses the IoT system on behalf of an economy of sharing and mobility by bicycle. “The IoT is also proof that it’s not necessary to own a means of transport to be mobile in the city,” states Bernard de Groote, CEO of Mobit Belgium. AXA uses the IoT to optimize its new Smart Office program in Brussels. “The technologies of Proximus facilitate the change in culture necessary in a context of the New World of Work,” confirms Eric Goethals, Head of Workplace Service North Europe at Axa Tech.

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