Online editions of | Data & Cloud Expo 2021

Published on 23/03/2021 in Webinars

Online editions of | Data & Cloud Expo 2021

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How to secure and manage your ever-growing networks and clouds?

Are you also wondering how your business can survive in this complex and digital world? Are you looking for digital doers to integrate security, cloud, IoT and workplace solutions with fix and mobile connectivity?

Get an expert answer to all your questions during the online edition of | Data & Cloud Expo 2021.

You can choose to register for our webinars and / or book an appointment with one of our experts.

Security webinar

“Living on the (network) edge: How to secure your ever-expanding network?”
Speaker: Bastiaan Germs, Solution Manager at Proximus

Cloud webinar

“Managing clouds in an evolving world.”
Speakers: Jetro Wils, Product Manager at Proximus and Thierry Van Nuffelen, Product Manager at Proximus

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