Why is Software Defined Anything the future of IT?

Published on 13/05/2019 in Tech, tips & tricks

Why is Software Defined Anything the future of IT?

Software Defined Anything (SDx) puts the focus on the functionality of your IT infrastructure: the applications, not the technology. Hardware and software are decoupled. Your hardware and infrastructure are subordinate to the functionality.

It’s all about the application

In SDx everything revolves around the application. Every application consists of functionalities that it expects from the infrastructure and knows the configurations it needs. So automation becomes possible; the necessary environments automatically adjust to what the application needs on the basis of policies. The functionalities and infrastructure are no longer dependent on each other.

  1. Dynamic and scalable infrastructure

    Because SDx is based on functionalities and is managed, your IT infrastructure is programmable. All infrastructure components are managed according to defined policies. That makes your infrastructure more dynamic and scalable, allowing you to handle resources more flexibly.

  2. Service chaining and policies

    Because the intelligence is decoupled from the hardware, you can combine different services in one policy, also known as service chaining. This allows you to configure those different services at the same time. You no longer have to set the configuration needed for the components in advance. For example, couple ten stand-alone tasks in one policy so that you can implement all of them at once.

  3. Automation

    The goal of SDx is automation. By thinking about what you as an IT department want to offer, it’s possible to standardize. So you can set up different tasks using, for example, a user profile or departmental characteristics.

  4. Simpler management

    The decoupling of technology and functionalities means that you have to think only once about the technology and then go straight into functional management. So your management of the front end becomes easier. The software takes over complex configurations. Your manager only needs to add or delete available functionalities in an object-oriented way.

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From reactive to creative IT department

To get the most from SDx, your IT department has to make the shift from reactive to creative. That’s only possible if you focus on the end user, his high expectations and your company’s objectives. At the same time SDx also automatically stimulates the creativity of your IT department by putting the focus on functionality. Thanks to that focus and the policy model for your IT infrastructure, you can respond to questions from the business and proactively implement ideas.

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