11 hot jobs in 2025

Published on 15/10/2018 in Inspire

11 hot jobs in 2025

The digital transformation and new technologies are changing the job market. An overview of 11 jobs that will become more important in the future.

  1. VR-coach
    A virtual team in a virtual office calls for a specialized coach: M/F, of flesh and blood, to direct staff in virtual reality.
  2. Drone manager
    As a ‘drone manager’ you see to the planning and performance of flights as regards logistics, scientific research, film production, etc.
  3. Project manager
    Project-based work is replacing fixed jobs from the recent past. More and more project managers coordinate the whole thing and act as the link between freelancers.
  4. Technology philosopher
    Artificial intelligence, machine learning and other new technologies are having a major impact on people and society. Technology philosophers study the ethics of using certain technologies.
  5. Cryptofinancial adviser
    The lucky few whose CV includes IT security and financial management skills will be able to manage cryptocurrency portfolios for private individuals and companies as cryptofinancial advisers.
  6. Medical mentor
    Code red! An app indicates that your blood pressure is too high. The sensor beeps and you are warned, but fortunately, in 2025, you can rely on a medical mentor for the right interpretation and support when monitoring your health.
  7. Digital locksmith
    Digitalization has reached locksmith, too. When the technology behind the digital lock fails, the digital locksmith frees people from their predicament, mainly their car and their own home.
  8. Home automation technician
    Do you call your electrician when you are no longer able to switch off your lights via your voice command system? Home automation and the IoT are part of the standard equipment of a home. It’s good to have the number of a home automation technician who connects and secures all devices.
  9. Personal productivity coach
    Automation takes away all repetitive tasks. With the jobs that are left, people make the difference. But technology is increasingly providing diversion, led by social media. Personal productivity coaches ensure the vital focus.
  10. Digital teachers
    Rapid technological progress constantly requires new, targeted skills among the working population. Coaching sessions, training courses, tutorials, webinars, etc. are taking place more and more online.
  11. 3D-printing designers
    Hamburgers, the latest shoes or prostheses: 3D-printing designers are prized in virtually every industry. It goes further than just spare parts for machines. What size do you have?

Did you know that creativity, not knowledge, will be most sought after in future jobs?

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