Home working? This is how it’s done!

Published on 10/09/2018 in Inspire

Home working? This is how it’s done!

Each colleague costs you €12 / hour when they are stuck in traffic. A growing number of businesses are now letting their staff work remotely by introducing digital tools. This is highly beneficial to the organisation as it increases productivity, creativity and motivation. And how do you feel about lower office and transportation costs?

Everything you need to know about digital workplaces?

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The benefits of home working

Increasingly, companies are letting their staff work remotely. Often, the demand for this comes from the employees themselves. But as an employer, you will also benefit hugely from home and tele working (working from a different company site):

  • Your employees are more creative and productive from home
  • You need less expensive office and parking space
  • Your employees are more motivated thanks to an improved work-life balance
  • It gives you more leverage when recruiting new talent
  • Your colleagues won’t waste time commuting and being stuck in traffic

91% of people that sometimes work remotely indicate that they are more productive than they would be at the office.


Source: Forbes.com, 2017

Tips for successful home working

  • Trust your employees.
  • Have clear agreements in place: home working does not change targets or deadlines.
  • Define beforehand which employees are eligible for home or tele working.
  • A strong team spirit remains important. Avoid having home and tele workers become isolated.
  • Create a good digital workplace, one that makes efficient home working possible.
  • Secure company data even during home working. Make sure the connection is secure.

By 2020, 9 out of 10 organisations will have the infrastructure for home working.


Source: Proximus

Anker18: a more efficient business with the right data storage

Real-estate agency Anker 18 chose to digitalise their workspace. They swapped their physical server for SME in the cloud by Proximus. The benefits? No risk of losing their data, mobile access to data and lower IT costs.

Everything you need to know about the digital workplace

Free e-book  Create your digital workplace


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