Good report for virtualization

Published on 04/03/2015 in Customer Stories

Good report for virtualization

For students following a course at the International School of Brussels (ISB), a professional IT infrastructure is indispensable. To find a solution for the demanding maintenance and management of the on-premises installation, the school decided to switch to Cloud vContainer. IT partner Userfull led the project.

With more than 1,500 students, ISB has a bustling campus along with intensive Internet use. Students log into the portal daily to download their timetables and the latest slideshows. As well as the students, employees at ISB use the management applications. No fewer than 234 faculty employees and 54 teachers have access to the system, sometimes even from home. For the technical support for the system, the IT team at ISB had built up an impressive IT infrastructure over the years. The powerful infrastructure did have a few problem areas, however, particularly at management level. The maintenance of the local servers had become a full-time job and there were a lot of costs, some of which were hidden. The back-up and continuity plans also formed a heavy responsibility.

Userfull as partner
An efficient IaaS solution was sought with IT partner Userfull. Douglas Stone, IT Director at ISB: “Since we already had Internet access through Proximus, switching to the Proximus cloud solution seemed like a logical step. To translate our demands and requirements to a suitable solution, we called on Userfull.” Userfull facilitated communication between the two parties as a consultant and supervisor. Userfull also ensured that the technical aspects went smoothly. An architecture was designed to offer an answer for both the transfer of data and applications, as for the web traffic. The various ISB applications were gradually migrated to the Proximus cloud environment.

The virtualization of the on-premises installation to the cloud environment took place in three major stages. The first step consisted of the design of the network architecture aiming to achieve seamless migration. Attention was then paid to the configuration of ISB’s various networks. In a third phase, the Cloud vContainer was configured according to ISB’s needs so that the transfer of the applications and network devices could begin.

Pleased with the result
Before the transition could be finalized, the applications were of course subjected to various tests in the new cloud environment. As soon as all the applications were running effectively in the cloud, the on-premises applications were removed from the local servers. According to Douglas Stone, the burden on the IT team at ISB was significantly reduced thanks to the project: “Things like air conditioning and electricity, licence management and hardware maintenance of the server park are no longer their responsibility. We’re pleased about that. An ROI analysis also showed that a transfer to the cloud is financially beneficial in the long term. So transferring to the cloud was definitely the right choice. And we couldn’t have started or completed the project without the assistance from Userfull.”

 Business benefits
  • Cost savings
  • The ISB IT team can focus on its core tasks


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