Going digital

Published on 26/06/2017 in Customer Stories

Going digital

Digitisation means a lot of changes are taking place in the retail sector. Everything is about client experience, in and out of the shop. Jomi, owner of various fashion stores, made some profound changes to its ICT in cooperation with Proximus partner Vandenabeele. Bottlenecks were dealt with and a sound base for the future was established. Jomi has been successful in retail since 1989. Nowadays, the company has a franchise of eight Esprit shops as well as three ABSOLU shops selling various brands. Johan De Vos and his daughter Evi run the business from the head office in Oudenaarde.

More and more digital

During the past few years the ICT environment at Jomi was getting more complex and ever more overloaded. Johan De Vos: “We do so many more things digitally. From the checkout, purchases, stock management and time registration to camera surveillance, music streaming and customer counting. On top of that, we have also an ‘omnichannel’: we also sell online via the Esprit website.” 

The sluggishness of the ICT and the bad connection with head office were to the detriment of the operational reliability. “There was always one shop where something was wrong. And doing some administration from home was difficult too.”

Analysing how work is done

Vandenabeele, who has been Jomi’s telecom partner for many years, suggested conducting a 360° analysis of the IT. “We took an in-depth look at how Jomi operates and together with our technical specialist we suggested a solution which meets all the company’s requirements”, Account Manager Thomas Pitteljon tells us.

Improve customer experience

A safe Proximus Explore network now ensures a fast and stable connection with head office, from the shops and from home. Glass fibre was installed at the head office providing an extra fast connection which also has the ability to grow with Jomi. 

This solution allows Jomi to work more smoothly and more efficiently. And the clients also notice this in the shops: they pay with Bancontact without any problems and they are ensured of a smooth handling of their online orders which they come and pick up at the shop. It is easy to upscale the connection so that Jomi can easily and quickly deploy new applications in order to improve customer experience.

Flexible way of doing business in the cloud

All the checkout registers in the shops were replaced and Jomi started using the cloud. The network server is located in the Proximus’ datacenter and Microsoft Office365 is used. 
Johan De Vos: “The cloud provided our company with a lot of flexibility. Our applications are accessible anytime, anywhere and we only pay for what we use. Should we want to go towards a paperless office we can upscale straight away.”

One partner with IT and telecom knowledge

Jomi only has one point of contact for all its ICT. “If something is wrong, we only have to call Vandenabeele. It is a local company, so you know who will be answering the phone. They know us well, and they also know the Proximus solutions well and they speak about the ICT in terms you can understand. You can tell they know what they are talking about.”

Thinking together about the future

Thomas Pitteljon: “As telecom and IT partner we listen to Jomi and we suggest solutions from our expertise. Think about informing customers by text, paying by smartphone, Public Wi-Fi for registering who was in the shop before or digital systems which make it easy to work together and communicate with each other. We contact them about new possibilities at regular intervals.”

“We have to show people we are in tune with the times, certainly when it comes to the younger consumers”, Johan De Vos concludes. “There is more work to be done, but for now we are heading in the right direction. With our new ICT environment, Proximus and a partner like Vandenabeele we are ready for the digital future.”

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