“When I'm cycling, I switch off completely”

by Perspective magazineInspire29/04/2016

“When I'm cycling, I switch off completely”
There's no doubt that new perspectives are good for your company. But where do you find them? In each edition of Perspectief, an entrepreneur tells us how and where he or she finds fresh new insights. In this edition, Geert Noels talks about his passion for cycling.

“I've loved sport all my life. I've done virtually all general sports on wheels and all outdoor sports at one time or another. Eventually, I've stuck to skiing, walking and cycling. Adrenaline sports aren't for me. I don't go looking for kicks. I tried football, but I picked up a couple of serious injuries and that's not the objective. There are few injuries in cycling, as long as you can avoid the pile-ups, of course.

At the moment I try to cycle about 10 hours a week. I don't always manage that, but in a year I do clock up between 400 and 600 hours. When you think that the average Belgian watches television for 14 hours a week, I'm quite satisfied with that result. People who say they don't have time for sport have a deeper-rooted problem. Someone who works 13 hours a day is no more productive than someone who works 10 hours a day and does two hours' sport, on the contrary.

Cycling is an ideal sport. Your brain gets more oxygen from it. When you're cycling, you can't do anything else. You're alone in your head. It lets you switch off completely. So you're more productive afterwards. I always say, for instance, that I wrote my book, ‘Econoshock’, on my bike. You shouldn't take that literally, of course, but I did develop the whole structure of the book in my head while  out cycling.”

Who is Geert Noels?
  • Entrepreneur and macro-economist
  • Founder of asset management firm Econopolis

Author of Econoshock and Econoshock 2.0

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