GDPR – DAY The eyes of Europe are on you

Published on 07/12/2017 in News

GDPR – DAY The eyes of Europe are on you

All companies and organizations that handle client data of European citizens need to apply the rules of GDPR as of May 25 2018. Those who violate the law risk fines that could rise to 4% of their total annual turnover or 20 million euros.

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Although the GDPR is high on the list of priorities for Belgian companies (with more than 50 employees), 32% of Belgian IT Professionals don’t know the new restrictions. 18% say their company is making little or no effort ahead of the implementation, while 19% are unsure if their company is preparing. No less than 16% has never even heard of GDPR.

How many IT managers have a good knowledge of the GDPR?

49% United Kingdom
49% Italy
47% France
46% Germany
39% the Netherlands
18% Belgium

In comparison with other companies from European countries, Belgian companies are lagging behind.

Source: Kaspersky GDPR Report 18/05/17

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