Fixed Mobile Unification: don’t miss any important calls from now on

Published on 02/02/2018 in Innovate

Fixed Mobile Unification: don’t miss any important calls from now on

Your employees have both a fixed and a mobile device. But it’s not always the best solution. With the Fixed Mobile Unification (FMU) service you can integrate their mobile phones into your telephony platform. This smart synchronization of both fixed and mobile offers your company 5 major advantages.

5 advantages of Fixed Mobile Unification

  1. No call is lost

    Each call comes in to both the fixed and mobile devices. In this way, your employees are always available on one single professional number. Wherever they are. There is also only one voicemail for fixed and mobile. In this way they can manage the messages that are left more easily.

  2. Works perfectly on any mobile phone or smartphone

    As Fixed Mobile Unification works with any type of mobile phone or smartphone, your users don’t need to have a specific type of smartphone or operating system.

  3. Easy and cost-efficient

    You connect your mobile phones to your telephone exchange. This makes it simple and easy, as you’ll have all the functionalities of your fixed telephony available on your mobile phones as well. The service is added to your Proximus SIM card, so your mobile network is enough. This solution can easily replace a DECT or Wi-Fi infrastructure.

  4. Professional number display

    FMU reinforces your corporate identity. For example, if your employees call a customer, then the professional number of their landline always appears on the screen.

  5. Private and business calls perfectly separated

    Your employees can manage their private and business calls easily. This is done by logging in with their mobile phone and choosing the private or professional status. In this way it’s easy to manage calls, identities and invoices.

Thanks to FMU our callcenter is able to easily transfer calls to externs, like doctors. Our ambulances are always reachable and we can better coordinate care to patients

Jean-Pierre Binon, ISPPC

Would you like to know more about Fixed Mobile Unification?

With FMU, you can choose when and how you want to be reached for professional or private calls.

Wondering how FMU works exactly?

Free demo?

We can organize two types of demos for you.

  • In the Proximus demo room. Here an expert will show you all the different functionalities of FMU.
  • In your company. An expert will come to you and explain all the different functionalities on a smartphone equipped with FMU.


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