Innovative entrepreneurship

Published on 06/05/2016 in Inspire

Innovative entrepreneurship

Did you know that 80% of the industrial zones in Belgium already have access to fiberglass, as well as a great many companies outside these zones? Fiberglass is the future: companies that use innovative networks such as fiberglass can increase their productivity by 10% and offer their customers a consistently high service level. Find out here how you can make your company ready for tomorrow.

Fiberglass consists of exceedingly fine glass threads on which laser light is switched on and off. It's like the signals of a message sent in Morse code using a flashlight, but infinitely faster and more efficient: 300,000 km/sec. That makes fiberglass considerably quicker than any other network. 

Improved continuity

Your activities need to continue unimpaired and fiberglass makes a huge contribution to that. Thanks to the fast fiberglass connection, working with company applications from a distance (in the cloud, for instance) is even easier. In addition, your internet line or data network remains accessible, even if a power outage lasts 48 hours. And you don't run any security risks: fiberglass is naturally secure. You can be sure that your lines cannot be tapped into. 

Improved efficiency

Digital use in your company is set to increase still further over the coming years. You are using more and more applications and devices. Your administration may perhaps be dealt with entirely or partially online. Your staff will work from home or on the road more often and contact their colleagues via video calls. And your salespeople will increasingly have to send large files in real time or consult sales information when they are with a customer or a prospect. Fiberglass is a technology where speed and bandwidth can grow flexibly in line with the needs of your company. 

Improved customer satisfaction

Your customers will become more digital, too, so the speed of your website, your reservation system or your web shop has become crucially important. A fiberglass network guarantees you the fastest speed at all times, even during peak periods. What is more, by opting for fiberglass, you are choosing innovative entrepreneurship. You can dream of new online services, new ways of communicating digitally with your customers and new business models. Volvo Cars, for instance, is relying on fiberglass to launch a new approach to personalized servicing with their Volvo Personal Service. The car and customer details together with information about the software program are requested online to ensure that the vehicle is serviced quickly and efficiently, while the customer waits in a quiet lounge with Wi-Fi access.

Fiberglass for your company

Proximus has already laid 21,000 km of fiberglass. If your company is not in one of the 80% of the industrial zones where Proximus has already installed fiberglass, there is a chance that earthworks may have to be carried out. Proximus will always contact you when work is to start. When connecting your company to fiberglass, Proximus does everything possible to ensure that your migration is flawless, without any interruption in your critical work applications. What is more, in our Service Level Agreement we guarantee you proactive monitoring of the infrastructure and a professional helpdesk available 24/7. 

More information?

Would you like to increase your productivity with fiberglass now, or do you have questions about this new technology? Contact your account manager. 

Would you like to know if fiberglass is available in your neighbourhood? Go to find out how things stand


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