Proximus helps companies with the new way of working

Published on 21/05/2015 in Inspire

Proximus helps companies with the new way of working

Engage Pack: all-in-one package including a mobile device and service at a fixed price per month

In principle, we can work anywhere in the office, at home, on a customer's site or on the road, but if the New Way of Working is to be introduced successfully, it is important to use the right technology and services. Employees must remain as reachable as before and obtain anytime, anywhere access to the corporate network, applications and data. Wireless technology, in combination with mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets, make this possible.  

An important element in the New Way of Working is "BYOD" (Bring your own Device), where employees also use their own mobile device (smartphone, laptop or tablet) for and at work. We are noting a shift from BYOD to Choose your Own Device (CYOD). Companies prefer to choose the devices that their employees are using. A good policy on device management is indispensable, but takes up a considerable amount of a company’s IT staff time to support all that. By outsourcing such matters, companies can focus better on their core activities. The Proximus Engage Packs help companies with this task.

Engage Packs: a mobile device and services at a fixed price

The Engage Packs consists of a mobile device (smartphones, tablets or laptops) and the choice between different rate plans (Comfort, Maxi, Intense or Pro) depending on the chosen device. Besides the device, the bundle also consists of a number of services such as a helpdesk for the employees, a security solution, insurance, guarantee and repair of the device. Moreover, the devices of the employees are managed (security, settings, configurations, etc.) via a central platform for the companies. The standard package can also be extended with additional communication and collaboration tools, applications and mobile connectivity. Engage Packs are available starting from €29.50 per month.

Focus on what matters for the company

Proximus provides the Engage Pack in collaboration with Hewlett-Packard Belgium bvba, which is responsible for the helpdesk. Employees can reach the helpdesk on a 24/7 basis. Companies no longer need to worry about providing services for the rented devices for their employees. 

Transparent cost management, efficiency and satisfied employees

By adopting a rental model with a fixed monthly budget and which is easily integrated into the existing IT infrastructure, companies can better manage their costs. What's more, the Engage Packs increase employee satisfaction as staff can choose from among the latest devices and can work flexibly with their mobile device or laptop. 

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