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Empty your head

Published on 16/11/2015 in Tech, tips & tricks

Empty your head

With Braintoss on your Apple Watch, you can quickly record a voice message, type in a written message or take a photo of something you mustn’t forget. The app sends the information to your mailbox.

During an average working day, we collect heaps of jobs that need to be done soon and things that we mustn’t forget. Writing them down somewhere helps empty your head, sets your mind at rest and leaves you to concentrate better on other things.

The Braintoss app works like a new generation of memo recorder. The iPhone version of this app enables you to leave a voice message, take a photo or type in a message in a single click. This is then automatically sent to your inbox and hence your to-do list. Braintoss is also compatible with Apple Watch, which means that you don’t even need to pick up your phone to note something down quickly. At the same time, the app tries to convert the spoken words and the letters on a photo into text automatically so that you can fi nd messages quickly and easily. Right now, a version of the app for Android is being created.

David Allen, author of the management bestseller ‘Getting Things Done’, tweeted about Braintoss: “Just got best capture tool I’ve found for iPhone., smartly simple design by 10yr GTDer.”


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