Thanks to optical fiber, Èggo anticipates new trends

Published on 30/09/2016 in Innovate

Thanks to optical fiber, Èggo anticipates new trends

To anticipate and sense opportunities at the right time. Innovation is a risky strategy for businesses, but it often pays off. Èggo proves that by investing in technology, it can offer new interactive experiences to its customers.

Èggo has been the leading Belgian mainstream fitted kitchens specialist since 2007, with 520 employees, 45 shops in Belgium and 3 abroad.

Èggo, has big ambitions:

  • to offer its customers a tool for creating their own kitchen themselves and sharing it via social media
  • to equip the showroom kitchens with connected devices in order to demonstrate and market them.

To support these new developments, optical fiber was the obvious choice as far as Èggo was concerned.

Stay alert and always follow what’s going on.

“In business, we must remain vigilant because technologies are evolving all the time. We have to be ready,” explains Paul David, Èggo’s Marketing Director. “Today, the fashion in the distribution business is interactivity, the web and social networks. At Èggo, we are developing a platform for sharing and co-creation. Goodbye ‘do it for me’ and hello to ‘do it with me’. A hyper-reactive tool, and fast! Because there’s no way our customers are going to wait to make a cup of coffee or mow the lawn while their kitchen plan refreshes on their screen. And for this tool to be totally smooth and efficient, we immediately opted for optical fiber.”

Laurence Hamer, Segment Marketing Manager at Proximus, says, “Our priority is for Èggo to be able to concentrate on strategic projects and innovate through new applications which appeal to their customers. Optical fiber offers huge potential on that level”:

Don’t be late, operate at the right speed.

Taking up the challenge of innovation often pays off, but timing is crucial.
Paul David continues, “What’s going to happen? Which social network will emerge tomorrow? We need to have a partner like Proximus to know which new technologies are relevant to us. Then it’s up to us to see if we ought to embrace these new hypes. For example, the Internet of Things can seem like a gadget today. Yet, this is a major trend that shouldn’t be ignored. Connected kitchens are not science fiction any more. And if this is part of our customers’ lives tomorrow, we need to be up to speed today. To be there just before innovation starts to arouse people’s interest.”

Assessing the value of a solution against objectives.

Philippe De Raedemacker, Èggo’s IT Director says, “Technology must have added-value for the company, not just financially but also in terms of leadership and appeal.” When Èggo told Proximus about its development projects, optical fiber naturally became part of the conversation. An innovative solution which provided many advantages straightaway. Philippe De Raedemacker continues, “At Èggo, we immediately opted for optical fiber for three reasons. Firstly, for the flow of information in real time between the different players in the chain. Secondly because it offers great opportunities of scalability. It's like a tap that can be turned on or off as needed. And finally, for security reasons. If there’s a problem, we can quickly restart our operations at another site and resynchronise our data easily.” 

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