Follow the ‘Z-Digital Transformation’ series on Kanaal Z

Published on 08/09/2021 in News

Follow the ‘Z-Digital Transformation’ series on Kanaal Z

For 10 weeks, 10 Belgian companies will be putting their digital transformation in the spotlight. Every week, starting 04/09/2021 and exclusively on Kanaal Z, you can watch the broadcast of part 2.

In the documentary series ‘Z-Digital Transformation’, Kanaal Z and Proximus track a number of Belgian companies and organizations who are surfing the digital wave. Below a selection of client stories that you will get to watch:


NMBS is going full steam ahead with digitization throughout its entire operations. Personnel now use tablets, smartphones and smartwatches together with support apps and other applications to offer better availability and service to travelers.

2. Isabel Group & Davinsi Labs

Isabel Group offers applications to businesses, accountants and banks, allowing them to exchange digital documents, manage identities and effect transactions. Being alert to cybercrime is part of their DNA.

In order to keep ahead of changes within the sector, the fintech company also relies on external expertise. As a result, the Proximus Accelerator, Davinsi Labs, has evolved over the years into a trusted partner of Isabel Group in the area of security monitoring and testing.

3. Proximus & Powerdale

All Proximus personnel can now give sustainable and multimodal expression to their mobility needs. For example, forty or so parking spaces at head office have now been equipped with intelligent Powerdale charging stations. And those who want to charge an electric vehicle at home can also do so via a smart cable. This is all part of the revised ‘cafetaria plan’ offered by Proximus.

Starting 04/09/2021 the broadcast of the second part can be seen every weekend for five weeks on Kanaal Z.

Watch their stories as well as more broadcasts of this docuseries exclusively on Kanaal Z.

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